AUTUMN SALE- Up to 50%
AUTUMN SALE- Up to 50%

Refreshing Fruit Pack

The Refreshing Fruit Pack is an excellent choice for those who want a refreshing and healthy drink. Fruit tea blends have special flavours and beneficial effects. This pack allows you to enjoy the flavours of fresh fruit in every sip. Make a cup and enjoy a rich world of refreshing teas!



"This fruit tea is a real treat!"

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Order today the Refreshing Fruit Pack and enjoy the delicious world of fruit teas!

organic - Leafy-Oasis

An exotic and floral taste experience

no-gmo - Leafy-Oasis

100% natural, GMO-free ingredients.

vegan - Leafy-Oasis

Vegan option

gluten-free - Leafy-Oasis

Gluten-free option

Contents of the Fresh Fruit Pack

Discover the Refreshing Fruit Pack, guaranteed to deliver a refreshing and tasty experience with every sip of a high quality tea blend!
If You also love to enjoy the taste and benefits of fruit, this is the perfect choice for you!

5000 FT


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