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AUTUMN SALE- Up to 50%

Glow and Protection Package

Discover the Glow and Protection Package, which includes three special teas: the Skin Glow Beauty Tea, the Oolong Peach Fruit Tea and the Immunity Booster Tea; This selected range promotes harmony between health and beauty, supports the natural glow of the skin, refreshes your energy levels and strengthens your immune system.


Glow and Protection Package

7190 Ft

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organic - Leafy-Oasis

An exotic and floral taste experience

no-gmo - Leafy-Oasis

100% natural, GMO-free ingredients.

vegan - Leafy-Oasis

Vegan option

gluten-free - Leafy-Oasis

Gluten-free option

Content of the Glow and Protection Package

Immerse yourself in the world offered by the Glow and Protection Package! Allow yourself the pleasure of getting to know more about the treasures nature has to offer, which can enrich your everyday life.
Embark on a new journey where you can discover the harmony between quality of life and a healthy lifestyle, and reap all its benefits.

7190 FT


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