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Origins and specialities of tea worldwide

Discover tea made in different regions of the world

Tea is one of mankind’s favourite beverages worldwide. It is the second most popular drink in the world after water, according to the World Tea Association. But where does this wonderful drink come from? Let’s take it one by one!

The historical journey of tea:

Although many people think of tea as a gift from the exotic East, it actually began in the Assam region of India, where Robert Bruce of the British East India Company first encountered the tea plant. From there, tea became world famous.

Growing tea – from the coast to the rainforest:

Tea plants require specific conditions: a warm, humid climate and mineral-rich soil. As a result, certain regions such as India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kenya and South Africa have become centres of tea cultivation.

The thearegions of the world and their specialities:

  • Assam, India:
    This is where the thick, malty-flavoured black teas are made, which go well with sweet pastries.
  • Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon):
    Ceylon tea, one of the world’s finest black teas, comes from here. Because of the quality of its tea, tea traders from around the world often visit this island nation.
  • Kenya:
    Kenya is one of the world’s leading tea producers, dominated by fruit-flavoured teas.
  • Japan:
    Matcha tea, a dark green tea with an intense flavour, is the most popular. Japanese teas are delicious and offer a special experience.
  • South Africa:
    Antioxidant-rich rooibos tea comes from here, particularly from the Cederberg Mountains, where the climate gives the tea a special flavour.

Concluding thoughts:

Tea is not just a drink; it is a culture, an experience. Teas grown in different regions offer different experiences. When was the last time you tasted your favourite tea? Or which new variety would you like to try? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!

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